Use cases

System installation management in the field:

  • Installation instructions and configuration data/settings are accessed in the field through mobile application.
  • Customer base is updated with new installation data directly from field.
  • Component information is updated to the system configuration by reading each component’s QR-code.
  • Location of the installation and even its components are saved to system configuration.
  • All updates of previous data extended with installation documentation and possible images and notes are updated from field to the centralized database at office.
  • Later installation base with locations and statuses are managed from the office with a web interface.

Service support:

  • Service target (an instrument, a device, a machine, a component, etc.) is identified with mobile device by reading an ID-number from a QR code or NFC tag in the target,
  • Service history is downloaded to and viewed on a mobile device.
  • Performed service operations are marked accomplished and updated to the service history at centralized database.
  • Possible problems and related images are also updated to the database.
  • Spare parts availability can be checked from the stock database and orders for new parts can be placed immediately through the mobile application.

Check the video SCATMAN tools in action. Click here to watch.